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A1 Accredited by BRE FIBER Cement NON-COMBUSTIBLE ECOBOARD, Exterior Rain Screen & Render Full Container Load 360 Boards 1200@2400@12mm at a highly discounted rate. Enquire within.

Render on Fibre Cement Board

Our BIS-CAPAROL Render System offers a wide array colour ranges for Render with different types of textures silicone based renders.
A1 Non combustible BRE fire accredited fibre cement board is fixed to the Solid substrate using the concrete fixings. Fixings are as per the standard fixings minimum of 600 mm spacing horizontally and 300 mm spacing vertically. A layer of basecoat is applied on top of the fibre cement board. Reinforced mesh is then attached to the applied base coat. A 2
nd layer of base coat is then applied on top of the reinforced mesh. After this patches and additional reinforced mesh is applied on openings.

Primer application is performed on top of the dry base coat wall. Various colour range of Top coat can be applied to achieve the Architectural finishes.

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