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A1 Accredited by BRE FIBRE Cement NON-COMBUSTIBLE ECOBOARD, Exterior Rain Screen
Render Full Container Load 468 Boards 1220@2440@12mm at a highly discounted rate. Enquire within


Introducing our remarkable Fibre Cement Boards - the ultimate solution for a wide range of applications, including rendering. These boards are designed to meet the highest standards of quality, making them a versatile and multi-purpose choice for your construction needs.

When it comes to rendering, our Fibre Cement Boards stand out for their exceptional performance. Their smooth and sturdy surface ensures a flawless and long-lasting finish, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your projects. Whether you're working on commercial buildings, residential homes, or any other structure, our boards offer unmatched durability and reliability.

One of the most remarkable features of our Fibre Cement Boards is their A1 fire rating. With this accreditation, you can rest assured that your construction will meet stringent safety standards, providing optimal protection for both your property and its occupants.

 From exterior cladding to internal linings, our Fibre Cement Boards offer unparalleled flexibility. Their lightweight yet robust nature allows for easy installation and handling, making them a favorite among builders, architects, and construction professionals.

 Experience the brilliance of our Fibre Cement Boards, a true game-changer in the construction industry. Optimize your projects with this exceptional material, and witness how it elevates the performance and visual appeal of every construction endeavor.

 Choose our Fibre Cement Boards for rendering and beyond, and unlock the full potential of your projects with this multi-purpose, A1 fire-rated marvel. Contact us today to explore the countless possibilities that our boards can bring to your construction vision.

 Eco boards are autoclaved at high heat and temperature and become incredibly resistant to even the most trying atmospheric conditions. Our external EcoBoard sheets, which can be safely used under extreme weather conditions from desert heat to the cold of the poles, are produced with flat surfaces. The sheets can also be produced with many different patterns using very special production methods to look like natural stone, cedar or walnut, stone masonry or bricks, and with this feature provides innumerable aesthetic solutions.

 The idea of finding economic solutions to interior and exterior siding and roof covering for structures has pushed humanity towards a constant search, and many different products have been developed for this over the years.

 Our fibre cement natural cement boards sheets are produced using only cellulose fibres and with autoclave method are presented on the market to be used as interior and exterior siding material, in plain board form and with different surface appearances.

  • Manufactured entirely with natural materials, environment, nature and human friendly.
  • It is very resistant to atmospheric conditions; it is not affected by ultraviolet rays.
  • It does not decay, is long lasting and does not require special care.
  • Can be easily worked with suitable tools and is easy to install.
  • Does not include any asbestos or materials harmful to human health.
  • Is a non-combustible construction material of A1 class according to EN13501-1
  • As it removes fine plaster work in construction, it saves time and labour.
  • It has good sound and thermal insulation properties.
  • It is resistant to impact and shock.
  • Is resistant to freezing and can be safely used in the coldest of climates.
  • In the event of a possible fire, it does not emit gasses harmful to humans or the environment.
  • It is resistant to impact and shock.
  • It is not affected by water and can be safely used in humid conditions.
  • Can be repeatedly painted by water based interior and exterior paint.
  • Can be used as a sandwich or press panel material for different applications.

There are many uses for the boards: 

  • In all structures, as interior and exterior covering of material.
  • In sandwich panel form as a partition wall element.
  • As ceiling covering material.
  • In Multi-storey pre-production structures as mezzanine flooring material.
  • As a support element under roof covering material.
  • In wet areas as under ceramic material.
  • As bottom support element in raised flooring systems.
  • As decorative covering interior spaces.
  • Under eaves and as an eave covering material.
  • As concrete formwork material.
  • As surface material in advertising panels.
  • As decorative structure element in all display designs.
  • As a frame in door and window edges on exteriors.
  • As composite material together with various covering materials.
  • As floor cornices on multi-store buildings.
  • As a decorative product on exterior surfaces.
  • As a wall element in prefabricated pools.
  • As a surface covering material in jacketing systems.
  • As covering material on dressed facades


Please be advised all of our boards available for sale to buy online are 1220x2440 12mm thickness natural smooth faced and we only do other specifications by bulk order.


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