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A1 Accredited by BRE FIBRE Cement NON-COMBUSTIBLE ECOBOARD, Exterior Rain Screen
Render Full Container Load 468 Boards 1220@2440@12mm at a highly discounted rate. Enquire within


Introducing our revolutionary product, the Carrier Board Brick Slip System, designed to provide an ideal solution for installing brick slips on various surfaces.
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Our Carrier Board System offers flexible fixing options, allowing you to choose between adhesive or mechanical installation methods. See below for details of the system components:

A - Brick Slip on Ecobric Fibre Cement Carrier Board:
Crafted from non-combustible A1 fire-accredited material, this product complies with the highest standards and building regulations. It features a 1220 x 2440 x 12mm main board, providing ease of use during installation. The carrier board's approximate dimensions are 1220 x 1192, ensuring a perfect fit for your project.

B - Brick Slip on Metal Salamander Bricclad Rain Screen System:

Our products hold the coveted A1 fire accreditation and meet non-combustible requirements as mandated by the codes of Standards & Building Regulations. Created from a 1220 x 2440 x 12mm main board, the installation process is seamless. With dimensions approximately 1220 x 1192mm and a thickness of 12mm, our system is adaptable to various design needs.

Choose our Carrier Board Brick Slip System to revolutionize your brick slip installations. Benefit from its fire-accredited, non-combustible nature, ensuring compliance and safety. With easy-to-work-with dimensions and top-tier materials, our system simplifies your project while delivering outstanding results. Get started on your construction venture today!

Introducing ECOBRICCLAD - Your Time and Cost-Effective Brick Slip Solution!

With a thickness of 12mm, the exact dimensions of ECOBRICCLAD may vary based on your unique design requirements, making it an adaptable choice for any project.

Experience the ease and cost-effectiveness of our system, allowing for hassle-free installation by semi-skilled laborers, unlike traditional brick slip methods. Our carrier board ingeniously sequences the bricks within the grooves, effortlessly achieving your desired brick slip width.

The A1-rated ECOBRICCLAD Carrier Board System is designed for insulated substrates, offering versatility for various applications. Whether you're working on a direct rain screen, built-up layers, or other mounting methods, our system seamlessly integrates, ensuring the perfect cross-section requirements for your project.

Benefits of ECOBRICCLAD Carrier Board:

  • Non-Combustible: Our carrier board holds A1 fire accreditation, ensuring the highest safety standards and compliance with codes and regulations.
  • Easy Installation: The affordability and simplicity of our system enable installation by semi-skilled laborers, avoiding the complexities of traditional brick slip techniques.
  • Versatile Application: ECOBRICCLAD Carrier board adapts to diverse insulated substrates, providing a reliable and visually appealing solution for various facade styles.
  • Quality Materials: We utilize high-quality, durable materials to ensure the longevity and performance of our carrier board system, ensuring your project stands the test of time while retaining its aesthetic charm.

Embrace our innovative brick slip system - fixed with adhesive or mechanically - and unleash the potential of ECOBRICCLAD. Say goodbye to time-consuming installations and embrace the efficiency of our carrier board, designed to create the precise brick slip width you desire.

Discover ECOBRICCLAD - your ideal solution for brick slip installations. Let semi-skilled laborers bring your vision to life with ease and cost-effectiveness. Details to follow for adhesive and mechanical installation methods.


A1 - Ecobricclad carrier board as system on insulated substrate either direct on rain screen, built-up layers and mounting subject to the cross section

A2-Ecobricclad carrier board system fixed directly on new or existing substrate block or rendered for facades refurbishment or new construction

A3-Ecobricclad carrier board system fixed on light steel SFS or timer frame direct or rain screen following the proposed built-up details




BRICCLAD RAIN SCREEN SYSTEM- An Ideal Solution for Both New and Old Facades


This product is designed and is highly successful for rain screen applications.

Like the carrier board above, it is also made from non-combustible materials and is A1 fire accredited and complies with the codes and standards of building regulations.

See suggested application for approx. sizes and technical detail.

BRICCLAD Facades - An Important cost-effective Solution for New and Old Facades to Comply with Building Regulations and A1 Non-Combustible Standards.

Enhance the aesthetic appeal and compliance of your building facade with our Ecobricclad Carrier board system. Thin clay brick finishing with a thickness between 19-20mm provides the perfect solution, provided that the substrate can accommodate the brick.

Whilst some companies, in the past, introduced acceptable alternatives, albeit that they remained comparatively expensive for the industry. However, our BRICCLAD system, showcased in our informative video, presents a game-changing approach.


Salamander System

Introducing Salamander Bricclad, the only system where we supply approximately 580mm @ 1200 , can go to 6meter subject to client cut sheet.

Each System profile features 7 ribs which is ideal for added strength and visual appeal.

The fixing process is simple: Push-fit the Salamander Metal Decking, followed by mortar and pointing using Galvanized, Magnelis ZM310, or Stainless-Steel materials. These materials are available in thicknesses ranging from 0.55 to 0.8mm.

Experience the innovative Salamander Decking, which is specially designed for brick push-fit applications.

With this decking, a skilled worker can complete up to 30 square meters per day, ensuring efficient installation and productivity.

It's a simple and easy fix, aligning with the structural design of the building.

To ensure a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish, we offer a Reveal Profile Closer upon request. This feature allows for easy sliding of clay bricks onto the profile, followed by mortar application and completion. The installation process is straightforward, fast, and cost-effective.

Upgrade your building facade with the innovative Ecobricclad Carrier board system. Our solution combines compliance, aesthetics, and efficiency, providing a superior finish for both new and existing facades.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can benefit your project.

B1- Salamander Rain Screen Brick Slip On Metal Decking Profile

BRICCLAD Facades an Important Solution to the New and Old Facades to comply with building & A1 Non combustible Regulation. Thin Clay Brick Finishing between 19-20mm thickness is the solution if the substrate accommodates the Brick, Salamander Bricclad is the only system where we supply approx. 580mm @12000 Each System profile have 7 Ribs, as you see in the fixing. Push fit the Salamander Metal Decking then mortar and pointing either Galvanised or Magnelis ZM310 or Stainless Steel, thickness 0.55 to 0.8mm INNOVATIVE Salamader Decking is the only decking for Brick push fit, a skill worker can do up to 30 Sq. Meter per Day

B2-Rain Screen Salamander BRICCLAD On Metal Linear Profile

BRICCLAD Facades an Important Solution to the New and Old Facades to comply with building & A1 Non combustible Regulation. Thin Clay Brick Finishing between 19-20mm thickness is the solution if the substrate accommodates the Brick, A few companies introduced an acceptable solution but it was still expensive to the industry. Brick clad system in Linear profile as explained in the Video. Salamander profile fixed on SFS (Light Steel) simple and easy fix the profile on the SFS as per the structural design where few Sq. meter can be Installed in One Hour. Subject to the depth of the built up, We provide Reveal Profile Closer (available on request) Slide Clay Brick to the profile, then mortar and completion Easy simple, Fast, Cost Effective profile Galvanised or Magnelis ZM310 or Stainless Steel, thickness 0.55 to 0.8mm



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