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Floor Insulation

Our range Eco Bonus Stone Wool Platin Floating floor Boards provides an ideal insulation solution for all types of floor such as ground floor, separating floor and intermediate floor. The ground levels of houses have to be well insulated against noise between the floors. A well-insulated floor structure creates a peaceful environment and keeps your feet warm on those cold winter days.


  • Reduces the noise by softening the effect of impact and airborne sound, preventing heat loss through floating floor
  • Excellent thermal insulation that also helps you save over all on energy costs
  • Provides high level (A1) fire safety and does not snot create smoke and particles even when it is exposed to open fire
  • Eco Bonus Stone Wool is water repellent and provides excellent vapour diffusion
  • Easy to handle and install
  • High compressive strength and load resistance

Application Areas

  • Flooring between floors
  • Floorings on open crossings
  • Building commercial floorings
  • Under vibrating baseplates

Method of Statement

Eco Bonus Wool Platin is produced in a density range between 110kg/m3 and 200kg/m3

It provides a high level of thermal performance to prevent the passage of heat out of a ground floor. Our Platin floating floor insulation solutions are available for all different kind of floors. These range from timber, metal floors, precast concrete floating floors such as beam and block floors. Timber ground floor insulation is placed between the joists and supported on netting (e.g. polypropylene) or timber battens and ensures that the insulation used fills all gaps between the joists to prevent air movement which can lead to unwanted heat loss.

If insulating below the structural floor, insulation can be laminated to a variety of materials allowing the floor to be insulated and finished in one process. If you need further information about the type of flooring you need, please Contact us and one of our technical team will get back to you with the necessary information. Please be sure to send any floor plans or drawings (if any) to assist us quicker with your query.

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